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Considering promotion of national health, GUJU PHARM. CO. LTD. has produced dozens of different kinds of medicines since its foundation in 1974.

GUJU is striving to produce high-quality medicines with tighter quality control by constructing new GMP factory in Hwaseong, 1992.
Our corporate ideology is creation and challenge to promote people’s health.
Now the world is approaching to a knowledge-based society of information technology.
Without changing oneself, it is hard to survive in the revolutionary times because individuals and businesses are radically changing the way they work and how they work.

In 1999, the Central Research Center was founded with the addition of an extension to the Hwaseong factory built in 1995. This year, GUJU was founded in 1974 declaring this year as a taking-off year for us. GUJU will continue to strive for train talented individuals and revolutionize products along with the steady facility investment every year.

GUJU introduction

1. Development of new medicine

Not only copying drugs, GUJU is steadily developing innovative drugs with new efficacy and unique formulation.
We have numerous new product like G-cell soft capsule as patented product, Ceftazol injection, Guju fentanyl citrate injection, Newlacson injection, Clif capsule, Unazol capsule, Neotidine tablet, Nemiron injection 150mg, Hylumax injection(Prefilled), Ibanel Injection, Ibanel tablet etc. and Apitoxin injection (The 6th of new medicine in Korea) that contributes to the promotion of national health health in Korea.

2. The highly concetrated and absorbed vial solution in Korea

We have fully automated the production line for highly concentrated and absorbed vials for the first time in Korea. This technology made differentiated OTC products like Alcoh-dex solution (Drinkable vial).

3. Establishment of Guju Pharma R&D Center

After the establishment of R&D Center, the trial of developing new drugs has accelerated by retaining competent researchers with a Ph.D or a master’s degree.

Alcoh-dex solution These products show GUJU’s will containing the entrepreneurship and research results.
To show our gratitude to your support, we will continue to be more creative and competitive. Furthermore, we will become a leading and acknowledge company in the field of pharmaceutical industry by contributing to the improvement of national health.
Thank you.

All the staff and administration