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Recruiting Information

Public Recruitment

Twice a year(the first half year, the second half year), job opening for the sales, production, managerial department

Occasional Recruitment

In addition to public recruitment, the company hires if reinforcement is required, tools or duties are expanded or a position is vacated by the separate guideline.

Possible to apply at any time
  • · For those who want to apply, contact General affairs department
  • · Before submitting, check the applying department with following documents
  • · Notify after reviewing documents
Required Documents
  • · Resume(1)
  • · Cover letter(1)
  • · Business Plan(sales department only)
Required Documents

  • Recommendation and Public Recruitment

    Public recruitment is provided in principle, but if necessary, employees could be hired as recommended by the former employee.

  • Document Examining

    Job applicant’s resume and cover letter(Description of career details and performances are required for experienced applicants)

  • The first round of interviews

    Business practice interview

  • The second round of interviews(final)

    Conducted by CEO, the director of Management Support headquarter, General affairs department and other relevant departments

  • · The recipient of Ministry of patriots & veterans Affairs is subject to preferential treatment according to the relevant laws and ordinances.
  • · Application must include the recruitment section, emergency contact number (landline or cell phone number)
  • · For more details, contact HR department(02-2672-1122, extension 102)